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The Production Channel is a blog, podcast, and resource for those who work in the live events production industry, those who are new to it, or those who are thinking about getting into the business. On this channel, we will focus on finding and delivering amazing stories from around the various production industries. These sectors include, but aren't limited to, sports broadcast, live events, house of worship, television, and film. The Production Channel is organized and managed by the Shoflo team.

The Production Channel Podcast is hosted by Stephen Bowles, founder of Shoflo and Clem Harrod, founder of CLEMCO.AV-- together, they create clever and insightful banter about living the life, sharing the love, and getting through the occasional challenges of the entertainment production world. Join them each episode as they invite international industry experts into their studio to shed some light on specific lines of work such as event producing, lighting, video, audio, stage management and more.


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We are actively building a community and we want your help. If you have some stories that you want to tell, technologies that you want to teach or photos / projects you want to share, please contact stephen@shoflo.tv

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