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[BACKSTAGE PASS EP1] Part 2: Golden State Warriors Arena with Phil Hastings

Phil Hastings Feature Image CLEMCO.AV Production Channel Clem Harrod
Phil Hastings Feature Image CLEMCO.AV Production Channel Clem Harrod

Authors: Clem Harrod & Miles McCreery

Shot by: Melvin LeGrand

Edited by: Jason Dewberry of 7D Productions

Backstage Pass:

We’re back again with The Production Channel’s second part of being backstage at Oracle Arena with Phil Hastings, the Senior Director of Operations. This week’s episode Clem Harrod is sitting court side with Phil and discussing who owns what aspects of the experience of going to a Golden State Warriors game at Oracle Arena.

This week’s episode is about ownership, passion, energy and what it takes to create a great fan experience for the patrons. Whether it is a concert, game or other event, Phil Hastings knows that teamwork is a vital thing not only between the players on the court but between every member of staff who is in charge of one of the many aspects of the “Fan Experience”.

Follow along and check out The Production Channel’s continuation of the first Backstage Pass video series.

Clem Harrod gives more insight: One of the most exciting things about traveling and working in another city, is the possibility of a Dark Day. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a Dark Day is a day you are paid to be out of town, but do not have to go into the “office”. These days are often spent taking in the city, chilling in your room, or maybe catching up on some unfinished work.

While working on a show in San Francisco, the crew and I had the privilege of enjoying such a day. This allowed me an opportunity to catch up with a long-time friend who recently moved from Orlando, back to San Francisco. Phil Hastings served as the Arena Operations Manager for the Orlando Magic from 2004-2016. He earned this position after working his way up through the organization’s internship program. Last season, prior to the Warrior’s trip to the NBA Finals, Phil was granted an opportunity to move back to his home city and take a position with Golden State.

Ready to enjoy our day in the Bay Area, Melvin LeGrand, Ben Standfield, and I hopped the train and ventured off to Oakland. iPhone in hand, we decided to have a little fun. Enjoy this Backstage Pass into Production as we take you behind the curtain of the Oracle Arena.


To learn more about Oracle Arena and Phil Hastings check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their website, and their contact page.


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