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[BACKSTAGE PASS EP2] Part TWO: The Production of Lighting Design with Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn Corporate lighting designer
Richard Dunn Corporate lighting designer

Author and content coordinator: Miles McCreery

Shot & Edited by: James Leslie of Lesliemania Production Services

Backstage Pass:

The Production Channel is back with Episode two PART 2 of Backstage Pass with Richard Dunn. If you’re a long time fan of The Production Channel you’ll be familiar with his past podcasts and posts!

Tune in and listen to Clem Harrod and Richard Dunn talk shop about lighting design and discuss the value of continually and actively learning while working.


If you have not seen Part 1 of our Backstage Pass with Richard Dunn, check it out here.

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To learn more about Richard Dunn through his past podcast and articles or check him out on Facebook!

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