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[BACKSTAGE PASS EP2] Part 1: The Production & Design of Corporate Lighting with Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn Corporate lighting designer
Richard Dunn Corporate lighting designer

Authors: Clem Harrod & Miles McCreery

Shot & Edited by: James Leslie of Lesliemania Production Services

Backstage Pass Episode 2:

This week Clem Harrod goes backstage of a corporate convention with Richard Dunn. Richard is an industry leading Lighting Designer with Dunn Lights. You may remember him from Episode 1 of the Production Channel Podcast or from his articles The Importance of Keynote Speakers and Why.

This Backstage Pass is a great introduction into the hectic world that is Corporate Lighting. He talks about spacial constraints, lighting temperature, and leads us into a multipart series.

Follow along and check out The Production Channel’s second episode of the Backstage Pass with your Tour Guide Clem Harrod.

Clem Harrod gives more insight: One of the best parts about working corporate shows is the time we spend getting to know one another. I have worked closely with Richard for several years, and I know he is a creative man with a big heart. Remembering when his YouTube hit ALL BY MYSELF came out, makes me “Laugh Out Loud”, and it also reminds me of Richard’s ability to make the most out of any situation.

I knew Richard would not only take the time to talk about his craft, but he would also explain it with such clarity and focus.


To learn more about Richard Dunn through his past podcast and articles or check him out on Facebook!

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