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Jessica Straw Production Channel

[PODCAST EP22] A Private Channel Conversation with Health Insurance Sales Advisor, Jessica Straw

Written by: Lesroy Louard The production industry, is seemingly broad and daunting to navigate. At times you just need an inside connection, to…
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Neidre Hines Healthcare resolution analyst production channel

[PODCAST EP21 Part 1 & 2] Health Insurance 101 with Healthcare Resolution Analyst, Neidre Hines

Written by: Lesroy Louard In this 2 Part Private Channel podcast episode, Clem Harrod sits down with Neidre Hines; in what could be…
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Tech Director, Roger Desmond

[PODCAST EP20] Managing Expectations with Technical Director, Roger Desmond

Written by: Lesroy Louard Roger Desmond, Technical Director and Staging Supervisor, momentarily takes us on the journey of how he landed his dream…
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Production Channel Rigging and Bridal Shackles

The Unseen – Bridal Shackles

Written by: Troy Liptak-Grilli The photo above is the first in a series of photographs that I’ve set out to shoot whilst on…
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EP19 Bobbi Grant

[PODCAST EP19] A Private Channel Conversation with Bookkeeper & Budgeting Specialist, Bobbi Grant

Written by: Ashley Davis This week, we're leaving the chatter of the Production Channel and switching over to the Private Channel. This series,…
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Game script show caller Bryce Lake BYU

[VIDEO] – Understanding BYU’s scripting workflow with Shoflo

Bryce is responsible for planning and running the shows and in-game production elements for BYU’s football and basketball teams including in-arena and on-court…
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production channel why


Written by: Richard Dunn Plane lands. Tram to baggage, shuttle to car, car to home. Hugged my wife. I wonder why. Luggage on…
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How to Hire the Right People with Dondi Sanchez

How to Hire the Right People with Dondi Sanchez

Dondi Sanchez shares and explains his easy to follow pathway that he uses when hiring the right people for his production company
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Perfect Convergence

Life in Production – Finding Your “Perfect” Convergence

Written by: Clem Harrod Inspired by: “Painted on Canvas” by Gregory Porter Wikipedia defines Geometry as a branch of mathematics that deals with shapes, size, relative…
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The importance of key note speakers with Richard Dunn

The Importance of Keynote Speakers with Richard Dunn

Richard Dunn lists and explains how his experience within the live event industry can help you with choosing the right keynote speaker at…
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Gear Guide Assistant Stage Manager Essentials

Gear Guide: Assistant Stage Manager Essentials

What gear should every assistant stage manager have in their backpacks? Ashley Hibbert's explains what you should have with you backstage at all…
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crowd at a live event

Life in Production – Standing Out in a Crowd

Clem Harrod explains how his personal brand and work ethic have helped him become more productive and efficient in his work in the…
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How to be Successful in Lighting Design with Jeff Atkisson

A career in the event production industry can be hard - these five insights from Jeff Atkisson can help you be successful in…
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Life in Production – Losing Yourself on the Road

There aren't many people who can understand what life in production is actually like... what we do and what we deal with on…
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The Production Industry Work Schedule

Written by: Stephen Bowles The event and show industry is seasonal which often leads to a highly volatile production industry work schedule. As…
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How much paper is wasted in live events?

 Written by: Stephen Bowles It’s no secret that production companies consume large quantities of paper running live events and corporate meetings.  The very…
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