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EP 18 Beth Forbes

[PODCAST EP18] From the Farm to the Ballroom with Project Manager, Beth Forbes

Written by: Ashley Davis The moment Beth Forbes realized Live Event Production was something she wanted to pursue, she was twelve years old…
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Rigging with Brent Armstrong

[PODCAST EP17] Happy Rigging with Brent Armstrong

Written by: Ashley Davis We’re live on show site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during this episode of the production channel, as hosts…
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Perspective of a producer and project lead

[PODCAST EP16] From the Perspective of a Producer & Project Lead w/ Max Monsegue

Written by: Ashley Davis Max Monsegue, a Producer and Project Lead, has been in the live event production industry for 22 years. As…
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Tucker McFall Camera

[PODCAST EP15] Camera Operators in the Big Leagues with Tucker McFall

   Author: Leizl Bala As we exit baseball season and ramp up into basketball season, host Clem Harrod sits down with sports camera…
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Importance of a support system with Kirk Garreans

[PODCAST EP14] The Importance of a Support System in the Live Event Industry with Kirk Garreans

Author: Leizl Bala It wasn’t long ago that Kirk Garreans, owner of ALP Design & Production, spent up to 300 days on the…
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Billy Walsh Corporate Audio Designer

[PODCAST EP13] Corporate Audio Design with Billy Walsh

We’re all ears this week at The Production Channel as Clem Harrod interviews long-time audio designer, Billy Walsh. Billy is an industry staple…
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The story of Shoflo with Stephen Bowles

[PODCAST EP12] The story of Shoflo with Stephen Bowles

The table is turned in this week’s episode of The Production Channel as Clem focuses the interview on fellow host, Stephen Bowles. Stephen…
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Mark Sanborn, keynote speaker

[PODCAST EP11] Inspiring and Succeeding as a Keynote Speaker with Mark Sanborn

In episode 11, listen in as Stephen Bowles and Clem Harrod speak with keynote speaker Mark Sanborn, about his 30+ years as a…
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Training Video Technicians for Live Events with Bob Murdock

[PODCAST EP10] Video Technician Training for Live Events with Bob Murdock

In episode 10, listen in as Stephen Bowles and Clem Harrod talk to Bob Murdock about his work with Evolve Media Group in…
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Jon Allen Production Director

[PODCAST EP09] A Holistic Approach to Managing the Stage with Jon Allen

In episode 9, listen in as Stephen Bowles and Clem Harrod talk to Jon Allen about his experience directing and calling live shows.…
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Judie Kavanagh Show Caller

[PODCAST EP08] Show Calling for Theater and Corporate Events with Judie Kavanagh

In episode 8, listen in as Stephen Bowles and Clem Harrod talk to Judie Kavanagh about her transition from show calling live theater…
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Dave Nuckolls

[PODCAST EP07] Seizing Opportunities in Live Events with Dave Nuckolls

In episode 7, join the conversation as Stephen, Clem and Dave Nuckolls discuss about how being ready for anything is the key to…
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Production and Staffing in live events with Joe Mertz

[PODCAST EP06] Production and Staffing in Live Events with Joe Mertz

In episode 6, listen in as Stephen Bowles and Clem Harrod ask Joe Mertz to reveal how his innovation came from necessity. Joe…
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Directing Live Sports with Greg Hartung

[PODCAST EP05] Directing Live Sports with Greg Hartung

In Episode 5 of The Production Channel, Stephen Bowles and Clem Harrod discuss life in the live sports realm with Orlando Magic Broadcast…
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live sports melissa ward

[PODCAST EP04] Working in live sports with Melissa Ward

Listen to Melissa Ward, a freelancer in the live event industry as she explains the rewards and challenges of working in live sports.
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How to be Successful in Lighting Design with Jeff Atkisson

A career in the event production industry can be hard - these five insights from Jeff Atkisson can help you be successful in…
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Mixing Audio for Live Shows - Ep03- steve mitchell

[PODCAST EP03] Mixing Audio for Live Shows w/ Steve Mitchell

Listen to Steve Mitchell, a professional at mixing audio for live shows talk about the hustle of producing audio on the road and…
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[PODCAST EP02] Production Touring vs Church Production w/ Andrew Stone

In Episode 2 we interview Andrew Stone on his switch from live production touring to Church Production. He explains that during a tour,…
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[PODCAST EP01] Understanding Production Lighting Design w/ Richard Dunn

In episode one of The Production Channel, Stephen Bowles of Shoflo and Clem Harrod of CLEMCO.AV, shine the spotlight on lighting design with…
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[PODCAST EP00] Live Event Projection – Clem Harrod

Episode zero, of The Production Channel, focuses on the demanding role of event projection for live shows. Stephen turns the tables to interview…
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Shoflo wins tech innovation awards

Production Software wins ibtm world Technology & Innovation Watch Award 2016

US based Shoflo, the event production software specialist, is this year’s winner of the Tech & Innovation Watch Award presented by ibtm…
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How much paper is wasted in live events?

 Written by: Stephen Bowles It’s no secret that production companies consume large quantities of paper running live events and corporate meetings.  The very…
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