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How to Hire the Right People with Dondi Sanchez

How to Hire the Right People with Dondi Sanchez
How to Hire the Right People with Dondi Sanchez
  Written by: Dondi Sanchez

The importance of taking your time to hire the right person for your organization.

My name is Dondi Sanchez. I’m the owner of Immanuel Production Group. IPG is a multimedia production company that has been around since 2005.
We specialize in video production, web and print design, aerial video and photography along with 360 immersive video. We are All Things Media, from conception to completion, and we do it all under one roof!
IPG has four departments within itself. Video, web/ print, aerials and a rental department. One of the challenges you have as an owner is hiring personal that will work well and collaborate with others, and at the same time they must have a creative mind and be able to work independently. Making sure they are the right fit your for company and type of business is a priority.

Dondi standing with arms crossed
One of the main reasons that I dread the hiring process is that It’s time-consuming, it takes a lot of time away from your other daily jobs and working with your team members. Since turnaround is not good for any company I make sure to thoroughly vet anyone who is interested in working for IPG.

I have a six step process. The reason I do this is to make sure I weed out the people who make a good first impression right from our first meeting.
Here at IPG we look for people with a passion for what they do. Passion is something you can’t teach, it’s something that’s inside a person’s DNA and if they have passion they will always put their best into every project you have them do.

Step 1.

Our first step in finding a new team member is to put the word out to friends in the business. We do this because most people we know already know how we work, what we expect from our people and most is the time they won’t recommend someone who will make them look bad. Word of mouth and reputation is everything in this industry.We will also use companies like Zip Recruiter. I like using this platform because it’s easy and efficient. Depending on the position I’m looking for I might also look at schools and touch base with their placement department, or universities with graduate programs that might have a bulletin or an online site that helps their graduates find jobs.

Once resumes come in I look to see what jobs they have done, what do they like to do on their spare time, how many jobs have they had? Also. How often do they change jobs.
I don’t really make my decision by the resume because anyone can write anything on a resume. I like to meet the person face to face, on the phone or even Facetime. This helps see their personality. Which is very important when they have to work with others. At IPG we want to know more about the person than what they do know because we want to help them to grow and fit the IPG team.

Step 2.

Our second step in the hiring process is to find the people we are interested in on social media platforms. We want to know how they carry themselves in public and around friends. Many companies are now doing this and make there choices on depending what they find out through social media. If we can’t find you on social media or if your accounts are private we usually move on to the next person.

Step 3.

Once we determine who we would like to meet in person then we set up a phone interview which usually last about 10 min. We ask them about things about themselves, life what do they do on their off time, hobbies ect. We want to get to know the person outside of business.
What we look for is how do they come across over the phone, do they have good communication skills. Can they hold a conversation. Do they sound mature. All these things are very important especially if this person is going to be dealing with your clients.

Step 4.

Set up a one-on-one with them. This is where they come in and we talk about things we talked about over the phone. We want to see if their stories still match up with what they said before. We also look to see how they carry themselves, how do they dress. Did they care enough to dress up for the interview. Do they keep eye contact when talking to someone. All these things matter to us because this person will be dealing with other professionals and CEO from fortune 100 to 500 companies. So they must be able to take care of themselves, care how they look, carry themselves in a professional manner and hold a conversation with others.
I’ve had people come to an interview with tank tops on, earring everywhere, tattoos showing…. it’s unbelievable how looking presentable when going for a job interview is no longer the norm. I don’t care that you have tattoos and ear rings all over your body but when you’re representing a company you must look professional. Not like I just hired you off the street.

Once I see that they carry themselves in a professional manner, they can hold a conversation and they have a great attitude then I start getting into the technical aspects of it. I give everyone a 15-20 question test about video 101. Basic stuff. It gives me an idea of what the person knows and how much time I have to spend with them when they join us. Believe it or not I have had people who have been in the industry 8-12 years fail this simple test.
I also like to have someone from my team usually my wife meet them as well because she is a good judge of character and she picks up on things that I may not have. My wife has great discernment, so I take her input very seriously.

Step 5.

Once we have met and we dwindle it down to 2 or 3 candidates then I make calls to their references and people who I know personally who have worked with them, people I know who would give me an honest answer.

Step 6.

Once all these steps are taken then we sit down go over the candidates we like and we talk about what they can offer our company, we look for the one that looks like they will be part of our team for many years. Like I said in the beginning, I don’t like turnover. I want team members who will be great assets to our company someone who will bring their passion and drive to work everyday.
We also take into consideration how will they mesh with the rest of our team members, can they work as a team, how will the comradery in the the office work out.
All these things are very important because you don’t want someone who brings strife and gossip into your workplace that’s like having a cancer within your team which will kill the moral in the office little by little.

We take these steps in our hiring process very seriously because we look for people who want to grow with our company and team members and not just an employee. I believe that your only as strong as your weakest person so we put a lot of time into our people.
I heard a saying that stuck with me a long time ago.
If you grow the people, the people will grow the company. That’s why we make sure we pour into our team members.

Another good thing to do is have all your team members take the DISK test. It will help you find out what drives them, what you need to do to make them feel special and appreciated. It’s a simple test you can find online.

I hope this helps you with your hiring process and will keep you from having a lot of turnover in your company.

Dondi Sanchez has been in the Television and multimedia production Industry since 1991. He started his career in the entertainment industry working as a freelancer for Disney and Nickelodeon Studios. In 2005 Dondi and His wife Helene of 23 years decided to open up their own company and grow their own business.

Dondi Sanchez
Immanuel Production Group
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