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Life in Production – Standing Out in a Crowd

crowd at a live event
crowd at a live event
Written by: Clem Harrod

As an independent contractor, I have clients, and I have end-clients. At this point in my career, the majority of my end-clients are Fortune 500 companies. During their conferences, I am sitting backstage, doing my job, trying to stay awake. Most of the time, they are talking about subjects that don’t spark my interest, or things I don’t understand. However, more recently, there seems to be a common theme in the presentations— people.

Your people, your workforce, the people who represent you in the field. If you trace that up the corporate ladder, what they’re talking about is the company brand. How do the people represent the brand, the goals, the motto, of the company? As an independent contractor, I “kind of” understood what they were talking about. But, as a business owner, I GET IT!

Post college, I have worked in the Live Events Industry for 16 years. What I didn’t realize was, tClem standing in front a large group of event screenshis whole time, I’ve been building my brand. If you know me, when you hear the name Clem Harrod, it means something. It stands for something, because I stand for something. I understand the power in a name. I understand the power of a brand. If you were a brand, what would you stand for? What would people say about you?

Guess what? You ARE a brand. People talk about you, and people feel a certain way when your name, your brand, is mentioned. Is it good, or is it bad? Better yet, what do you want to be said about you? These are things you should think about when you show up to work everyday. It’s what I think about… It’s what has made me successful up to this point in my life.

Growing up, things were very difficult, challenging, to say the least. I was a child dealing with a lot of adult issues, but thanks to my faith and my understanding of Projection 101, I knew what I wanted for myself. I knew where I ultimately wanted to be, I just needed to figure out how to get there. If you understand where you want to be, you too can get there. It’s reverse engineering.

Clemco projection 101 book

If you feel that your brand isn’t where you want it to be, take the time to figure it out! Make a choice to be successful. Make a choice to show up… Make a choice to work hard… Make a choice to have a good attitude…

I chose success! I chose love! I chose happiness! But, most of all, I chose prosperity and a long life! I chose my brand!

 Clem Harrod is the Owner and Chief Projection Officer of CLEMCO.AV. He has over 20 Years in Live Event Production, including 15 Years in Corporate Events, 15 Years with the Orlando Magic, and 4 Years with Florida State University and Seminole Productions. Clem is a proud husband and father who resides in Tampa, Florida.

Are you a Technician looking to increase your understanding and wanting tools to aid your success in and outside of the ballroom? If so, view the Educate page of the CLEMCO.AV website. There you will find the Human Resources you need to live well and prosper.


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    • Pegah Stegeman
    • February 8, 2017

    Life is what you make it… glad to see you are doing well and sharing your story. You are an inspiration.

      • Clem Harrod, CLEMCO.AV
      • March 13, 2017

      As you know Pegah, we are all inspirers. It is just a matter of channeling that energy towards something positive.


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