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Planning and Producing TEDx Orlando

Tedx using shoflo event production software
Tedx using shoflo event production software

Written by: Miles McCreery

Shoflo.tv is always looking for ways to better connect with their clients, learn how their software is being used and create a better live event experience. This past June, Shoflo partnered with TEDx Orlando to immerse themselves in the creative process. Employees from marketing, sales, and development all were on hand at the event helping in the back of house, front of house and with the software.

TEDx is a smaller, community based version of what most know as a “TED Talk” where industry professionals, scientists, authors, and all around intelligent people speak about issues and ‘ideas worth spreading’. There is no one goal is a TEDx event, rather the event is helpful in spreading knowledge, creating conversation and being a fun way to learn.


This partnership served double duty for the Shoflo team, it allowed them unfettered access to a team using their product and gave them an opportunity to connect and give back to the Orlando community.

This connection between an Orlando based TED event and Shoflo began when Stephen Bowles, the founder and CEO of Shoflo.tv was invited to a TEDx pre-production meeting where he volunteered to be their production manager. When Stephen was asked about what it meant for Shoflo to be partnered with TEDx Orlando he said:

“Shoflo focuses on creating software for live events everyday, but we’re not a live event production company. We don’t actually put on live events in our daily routine, so when the TEDx opportunity came along, I thought it was a great way to put our team in a position where they are using our own software in a real world live event. Along with the event being in Orlando meant we were able to be more within our community. All of those things together mean a lot to us.”Stephen Bowles, founder and CEO of Shoflo

TEDx Orlando wasn’t only a big day for the TEDx team of volunteers and staff. This was one of the first times that many of the Shoflo employees got a first hand look at how their software was being used on a grand scale in the real world. Many Shoflo employees were on hand to help with the implementation of the event and showing the full capabilities of the software.

“I sat in on a pre production meeting and everyone seemed to really pick up the software quickly. Everyone seemed really well equipped to do well.” – Ryan Carter, Project Manager

It is a rare opportunity for a company to be able to see their product being used live from start to finish of an event. This event allowed Shoflo staff who might have a solid background in live event production to see an event come together from beginning to end and how their software is utilized. The Shoflo team was excited about the opportunity and sat in on meeting throughout the morning, and was backstage when the event was taking shape. 

“It gave us validation on what we’re doing in the office everyday. Especially with me, I don’t come from the [live events] industry but I knew there was a need. So it was great to see that need.” – Ryan Carter, Project Manager

The Shoflo software was being viewed through it’s GuestPass feature by to up to a hundred volunteers and employees. The software was also being changed and edited actively by over 10 production team members. A lot of hands and eyes were on the software through various outlets of laptops, phones, tablets and print outs.
The event was a success and a packed house affair with all 200 of its seats sold out. The theme of the event was Growth, Identity, Conflict with talks covering many different subjects. Doctors of engineering, singers/songwriters, poets and tech company CEO’s all shared the stage to discuss wildly different topics in their fields. 

“I think it went really well. From being at the event and then talking to others afterwards, we all agreed that it really ran smoothly and was enjoyable for the audience.” – John Alexander, Product Specialist

For Shoflo.tv this was a great experience for their team and for the company being involved with such a prestigious event series like TEDx. Shoflo was given a platform to interact with the Orlando community of event planners, lighting designers, audio technicians and other live event professionals. Shoflo is looking forward to next years event and plans on working even harder to deliver a great experience for the live audience and the thousands of viewers who interact with TEDx on their website and through YouTube.


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