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[PODCAST EP 28] Shaping the Next Generation with Full Sail Instructor Frank Illuzzi

Frank Illuzi featured Image
Frank Illuzi featured Image
Written by: Lesroy Louard

The best and quickest “robot tamer” this side of the Mississippi… at least when battling Clem Harrod. The jokes fly, the banter insightful as Harrod interviews Frank Illuzzi. Currently a live news and broadcast lab instructor at Full Sail University; as well as camera operator for the Orlando Magic, Illuzzi shares a wealth of knowledge that his students pay a premium to learn.


As they sit together, same room, praising instrumental figures to their careers and reminiscing on their paths to success; Frank Illuzzi imparts that “you’re only as good, as your last job”.

Known as a heavy handed and somewhat harsh instructor – he admittedly gives his student the abrasive reality and real world treatment. “I’d rather them make the mistakes and be scolded by me, than out there and it cost them a call back”.

With a broad knowledge of the live production industry – working in reality television, at Nickelodeon, and for the

Orlando Magic; Frank speaks to the freelance dynamic as well as the 9 to 5. His insight to 401K’s and saving for his future as an independent contractor will garner a laugh and give you a lesson.

The Production Channel presents Frank Illuzzi, long time friend and esteemed colleague. Give a listen and see who is truly the best camera operator in the East.


Lesroy Louard, 36 and a graduate of Florida State University, can best be described as a visual thrill seeker and story-teller. With 18 years of experience in the world of production as a videographer, writer, and editor, Lesroy is also an aspiring filmmaker. He never shies away from the opportunity to chase a new challenge and expand his skill set. Lesroy has previously done this with several corporate marketing companies, the NBA, and many major cable networks. As a growing producer/writer, Lesroy derives most of his inspiration from classic cinema, music and pop culture.

He adds, “I enjoy the use of word, sight and sound to evoke emotion and convey powerful messaging.”

Lesroy’s work can be found at www.LouardMedia.com.


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