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[PODCAST EP22] A Private Channel Conversation with Health Insurance Sales Advisor, Jessica Straw

Jessica-Straw-ep22_maincover CLEMCO.AV Production Channel Clem Harrod
Jessica-Straw-ep22_maincover CLEMCO.AV Production Channel Clem Harrod
Written by: Lesroy Louard

The production industry, is seemingly broad and daunting to navigate. At times you just need an inside connection, to land that perfect gig, or steer you in the right direction.This podcast equips you, as an independent contractor with the tools necessary to keep your pockets, and your health in a positive direction.



Say hello, to Jessica Straw, a seasoned health insurance sales advisor, “I enjoy helping people. I enjoy being a problem solver, and helping them make the right choices.”

Jessica Straw sits down with the entertainingly probing Clem Harrod to discuss the advantages of hiring an advisor. Straw explains her process, as identifying any unique situations such as children, existing health conditions, and frequency of visits; then, locating the appropriate plan that’s most suitable for your location, your finances and your health future.

“You never know when the unexpected can happen”, Jessica states. She prefers finding insurance plans with premiums in the middle ground – “It is a safer bet, based on fluctuation of income and in case of an unexpected accident.”The time spent with Straw, you will learn about medical bankruptcy, pitfalls of no insurance and that a nationwide Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO, is a traveling independent contractor’s best choice. PPOs are less restrictive and plans can be accessed in most states.

The discussion on health insurance plans, benefits and the fine print can be exhaustive. These tools and resources hopefully allow for wise future decisions. Straw advises to always look at the big picture. Many families are overpaying for coverage and not using the benefits accessible to them, “that’s where I come in”, Jessica confidently states.

As a self proclaimed expert in her field, Straw adores her career. Though the industry found her by chance when she was recruited by a company in Tampa FL, landing this opportunity allows Jessica to feel complete. Let Jessica Straw help completely inform you and possibly aid in your health insurance policy search.



Lesroy Louard, 36 and a graduate of Florida State University, can best be described as a visual thrill seeker and story-teller. With 18 years of experience in the world of production as a videographer, writer, and editor, Lesroy is also an aspiring filmmaker. He never shies away from the opportunity to chase a new challenge and expand his skill set. Lesroy has previously done this with several corporate marketing companies, the NBA, and many major cable networks. As a growing producer/writer, Lesroy derives most of his inspiration from classic cinema, music and pop culture.
He adds, “I enjoy the use of word, sight and sound to evoke emotion and convey powerful messaging.”
Lesroy’s work can be found at www.LouardMedia.com.


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