EP23 – Stagehand Labor Unions through The Hands and Eyes of Miki Rosta

Written by: Lesroy Louard

There is the Corporate lane, the Freelance lane and the lane that Miki Rosta spends time sharing with us, shedding a little light on, the Union lane.

Union member since the age of 17, Miki, is ecstatic for the life afforded to him by the Stagehand Labor Union, the Local 720 in Vegas. It was reluctantly, that he joined, at the coaxing of his father; initially with no skill or desire to become a Stagehand. Music was his real passion, and his monetary vice. Taking jobs just to support his band and his auditory addiction, it would be a few years before he took the Union’s offerings seriously.



In 2002, Rosta dove into his career; lighting, and rigging, became his passions. Now a local HTD – lead manager, Rosta explains, “As you find your niche, you start moving into that sector, and as you impress the crews you’re working with, you will get more work”. He’s now responsible for putting teams together and assigning jobs for various clients that the union represents.

In this episode of the Podcast Channel, Miki Rosta elaborates on the benefits of becoming a union member. “…full benefits, health insurance, retirement plans,” are just a few praises Miki divulges, on top of great hourly wages.

In this conversation we learn the duties and different sectors stagehands can specialize in. Among them – lighting, audio, video, projection, and rigging. “They know their stuff, and often times know the building or venue better than we ever could,” Clem Harrod attests, “…having local union help, is often convenient and time saving.”

We invite you to dig deeper and hear more about the Labor Union industry through the mind and experience of Miki Rosta, “…it’s like riding a bull, I love it – its one hell of a ride!”



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