EP25 – Graphics, ARS & Teleprompting with Business Owner Drew Lawless

Written by: Lesroy Louard

The Production Channel invites you to attentively soak up the humble beginnings of Drew Lawless, the Live Event Graphics, ARS (Audience Response Systems), and Tele-prompting guru. “I built my website, and it became official. We were in business!” exclaimed Lawless, as he shared with Clem Harrod, about his journey.




Seemingly astounded at the breadth and reach of his career, Drew Lawless has never been satisfied with just one thing. Until that one thing became live events and production. “In 2008 [after 20 years], I said ‘wow’, this turned into a career! I did not mean for this to happen.”

Lawless explains how he began. Scratching and clawing to find his place in the professional world, his finance degree led him to a path that many would have dreamed of. As a financial analyst for Odessa Corporation in his hometown of Indianapolis, the days and hours could not move fast enough. Lawless moved to Orlando where his freelance career was born, and Taylor Events soon thereafter; somewhat mistakenly, became a success.

In this episode, learn some of the key technologies used in the live event graphics and tele-prompting arenas. Absorb the secret to Drew’s networking and connection-making that land frequent high end gigs. From music DJ at Church Street Station, to loading trucks filled with AV equipment for $10/hour, Drew Lawless found and grasped his passion somewhere in between and 20 plus years later, he has not let go.


Lesroy Louard, 36 and a graduate of Florida State University, can best be described as a visual thrill seeker and story-teller. With 18 years of experience in the world of production as a videographer, writer, and editor, Lesroy is also an aspiring filmmaker. He never shies away from the opportunity to chase a new challenge and expand his skill set. Lesroy has previously done this with several corporate marketing companies, the NBA, and many major cable networks. As a growing producer/writer, Lesroy derives most of his inspiration from classic cinema, music and pop culture.

He adds, “I enjoy the use of word, sight and sound to evoke emotion and convey powerful messaging.”

Lesroy’s work can be found at www.LouardMedia.com.