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EP15 – Camera Operators in the Big Leagues with Tucker McFall

   Author: Leizl Bala

As we exit baseball season and ramp up into basketball season, host Clem Harrod sits down with sports camera operator, Tucker McFall, in this 15th episode of The Production Channel. Tucker lives a gypsy lifestyle of shooting camera at multiple sports venues, and he gives us his view on how he makes it all balance out.

Tucker McFall’s interest in video production started in middle school when he would assist for an older friend’s television projects. Upon entering high school, Tucker was admitted to the TV production class where he learned the basics of producing the news, music videos and small features. He progressed to film school at the University of Miami, hoping to be the next Quentin Tarantino, but he found interest in doing coaches’ videos for college sports. This opened Tucker’s eyes to sports video, and he knew that world would be a part of his professional future.



After graduation, Tucker started at the UCF Arena then joined various sports organizations until he landed the in-house Orlando Magic position in 2010.  He continues to work with the Tampa Bay Rays, the Tampa Bay Lightning and more. Tucker says you should be versatile in different camera positions, however, you should try to master at least one position. It’s all about helping the video director tell the game’s storyline. Tucker says, “Any camera operator that tells you that they don’t want the tally and they don’t want the replay, they’re lying. We all want every tally and we all want every replay. If you don’t, you’re in the wrong business in my opinion…”

Join Clem Harrod and Tucker McFall as they discuss the importance of having a good support system, watching the cash flow during sports season, and finding good camera op mentors to give you a “Whole Lotta Love” along the way in your career.