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EP00 – Live Event Projection – Clem Harrod

The role of live event projection for events and shows is crucial & demanding. We interview Clem Harrod with CLEMCO.AV to hear how he balances the road, the life, and the pixels.

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Episode zero, of The Production Channel, focuses on the demanding role of event projection for live shows. Stephen turns the tables to interview Clem, who explains his journey of building his business, and personal brand, into CLEMCO.AV from his beginnings working three jobs simultaneously in sports, news, and corporate events. Stemming from his mother’s love of still photography, dance and music, Clem has been a long-time fan of visual art. He realized through his mentors and intense learnings at LMG that “what we do in this industry is an art form. I look at what I do as an event projectionist as an artist. That is my foundation.”

Clem gives us the details on how he has managed to make money doing something his loves while maintaining a connection with family during an often-hectic travel schedule.

“Each person needs to think about their own situation, their own schedule. There are things you can do to maintain that balance of your life, of your family life, while you are gone.”

In his pursuit to educate the next generation of live event professionals, Clem has developed Projection101, a way to pass on knowledge and skill of the craft in an organized curriculum. He explains how sharing information and his life experiences will not only help students become better event projectionists, they will become the architects of their own lives.

Listen to the chatter as Stephen pushes Clem to reveal how he blends all aspects of his world to achieve the vision he has projected for his personal life and CLEMCO.AV.