EP 27 – Concerts & Touring with E.I.C. Kenny Banning

Written by: Lesroy Louard

Kenny Banning started his childhood off on somewhat of a dark path, but he found Christ and changed before it was too late. His curiosity and goofball antics, which lead to some not so smart decisions, were later channeled toward something a little less explosive.



Currently, Chief Engineer in Charge for live event productions as a freelancer, Kenny Banning started in theatre and theme parks. He moved TBN (The Christian Broadcast Network) before becoming one of the most sought after engineers in the concert and live event production industry.

The Production Channel presents Banning, as a self-proclaimed “nerdy guy”, who overcame a troubled and mischievous childhood. He shares stories of sendin

g his brother to the emergency room and being arrested for making a “bomb” and taking it to class in high school. He found purpose after those “terrible and really stupid” ordeals by finding his passion, always asking questions and wanting to be a light instead of a dark detractor.


With his background at TBN, his faith is strong. Despite a negative past, Kenny Banning does not have trouble staying positive and out of trouble these days. Even during long touring trips, especially while in Vegas, away from his family for months, he occupies his time ministering to the homeless and anyone willing to listen. Banning and Harrod are a classic interview, one that touches past, present, family, faith, consciousness and comedy; among the many tales and words of advice, Banning admonishes to “…always eat breakfast, especially show bacon.”



Lesroy Louard, 36 and a graduate of Florida State University, can best be described as a visual thrill seeker and story-teller. With 18 years of experience in the world of production as a videographer, writer, and editor, Lesroy is also an aspiring filmmaker. He never shies away from the opportunity to chase a new challenge and expand his skill set. Lesroy has previously done this with several corporate marketing companies, the NBA, and many major cable networks. As a growing producer/writer, Lesroy derives most of his inspiration from classic cinema, music and pop culture.  He adds, “I enjoy the use of word, sight and sound to evoke emotion and convey powerful messaging.”

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