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EP11 – Inspiring and Succeeding as a Keynote Speaker with Mark Sanborn

This week on The Production Channel, we look into the ingredients that make up a successful keynote speaker. In Episode 11, Stephen and Clem interview Mark Sanborn, a professional speaker and a best selling author – penning titles like The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader. Mark, a 30+ year veteran of professional speaking, currently is a keynote speaker for many events around the world speaking mostly to business leaders about leadership and how to make things extraordinary.


Mark Sanborn has spent the last 31 years crafting his skills so that he can begin to boil down what makes a good speech and how to be a good part of a show. Mark talks a lot about being a positive experience for the audience, but also focuses on the idea that he tries to be a good experience for the audio techs and stage hands too. He states, “The interesting thing to me is that once you get the big things, then it’s the little things that people remember, your attitude…”. Mark is a industry leader and talks about how he keeps it fresh for himself and for the clients he speaks for. Explaining that he knows there will always be a new “go to guy”, but his lengthy and successful career proves that his thoughts about delivering on the basics and continuing to reinvent yourself yield positive and inspiring results.

Join the conversation to learn Mark Sanborn’s key tips on how to be a successful keynote speaker, how to deliver on the basics and hear about the lessons learned within his best selling books.