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EP12 – The story of Shoflo with Stephen Bowles

The table is turned in this week’s episode of The Production Channel as Clem focuses the interview on fellow host, Stephen Bowles. Stephen is the Founder and CEO of Shoflo, a software platform developed for production teams as a more efficient way to create rundowns and productions schedules.


About 15 years ago, Stephen originally wanted to become the next big feature film director, but a college drawback led him away from film school and into the live event industry. His first lessons in live video work was at an Orlando mega-church where he concentrated on video direction. He also took a video position with LMG and moved on to cutting cameras for concert events and tours. From there, Stephen stumbled into the unique realm of corporate show production.

One day after taking copious notes during a cue-to-cue rehearsal, a new version of a paper show flow was dropped on Stephen’s desk. He wondered, “So you have to sit there in that moment and make that decision. Am I going to transfer this information from one version to another, which is just tedious work. Or am I going to not take the newest version, and see if I can make this sort of assessment on whether or not there’s any significant changes?” He knew that efficiencies to the process could be made, and the idea for Shoflo was born. Stephen soon pared down his video work and assembled a team to develop the collaborative software full time. Their hard work paid off through the years, and Shoflo is now utilized by corporate clients, sports broadcasts, worship services, and more. “We work with producers and coordinators every single day, trying to identify what their problems are and move them over. And that makes me happy, right there, to know that there are people working on that for this industry every day.”

Join the conversation as Clem and Stephen discuss Stephen’s early interests in making James Bond films, his views on the art of video directing, and his thoughts about the best feedback he’s ever heard about Shoflo.