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EP14 – The Importance of a Support System in the Live Event Industry with Kirk Garreans

The live event industry is a tight knit group of people working all types of jobs in many different places and jobs, each relying on another position to their job so that another one can run smoothly. Episode 14 of the podcast series covers the importance of being able to rely on your coworkers, friends and family for help inside and outside of work.

Episode 14 of The Production Channel’s podcast series is a one-on-one conversation between Clem Harrod and Kirk Garreans (pronounced Gar-ins). Kirk is an industry veteran who has worked the last 30+ years in many different aspects of the live event industry. Episode 14 discusses many things such as his start in radio as a child and his movement from lighting to photography and finally to television, but most importantly it touches on the importance of having a support team within and outside of the live event industry.


Kirk Garreans got his start in the live events in South America doing voice acting in radio as a young child. He caught his initial buzz from doing radio dramas in Quito, Ecuador and from then on he was hooked and knew he wanted to work in radio and television. A major turning point in his career was when he volunteered at a local television station during a telethon where he was able to take still photography and run cameras. Kirk was able to secure a job by being in the right place at the right time and proving his worth as a camera operator. When asked about what to do when things go wrong Kirk explains that the Boy Scouts were right when they say “Always be prepared”. This mantra is something that all live event production-ites know, but Kirk emphasizes that it is important to do make sure to do your best at not letting the crowd see the problems.

Kirk Garreans is an industry veteran, but more importantly is a father and husband who is currently fighting cancer. Clem and Kirk talk about the value of a great support system within the industry of live events, both agreeing that being on the road or at a gig is tough for everyone involved. Over the past year, from that same support system of relatives, friends and family along with doctors, he is grateful to be spending more time with his family while battling cancer.

Listen in as Clem and Kirk talk about the ups, downs, and successes of a long career in the live event industry as a High Resolution Operator and the importance of a support system within and outside of the live event industry.

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