EP19 – A Private Channel Conversation with Bookkeeper & Budgeting Specialist, Bobbi Grant

This week, we’re leaving the chatter of the Production Channel and switching over to the Private Channel. This series, within the Production Channel Blog and Podcast, is meant to be an educational tool for independent contractors in the Live Event Production Industry. Here, we will speak to Bobbi Grant, a bookkeeper specializing int he QuickBooks format, about managing money and being financially responsible.



Bobbi began her bookkeeping career in the construction industry and developed her skills to become the best bookkeeper she could. After 10 years with that company, Bobbi decided to leave the construction business and transitioned into bookkeeping for an international hamburger chain. She then became an independent contractor and, via friends and word-of-mouth, has been able to expand her customer base.

family budget

As a freelancer in the production industry, income often varies from month-to-month depending on the number of gigs worked. Bobbi understands that and has developed a way to teach independent contractors how to manage inconsistence cashflow. Contact her today about her practices.

Until then, enjoy the episode as Bobbi Grant sits dow with Clem to discuss how independent contractors can achieve financial peace, manage their finances, and live off a budget.