EP24 – Understanding the Gifted Mind of the Audio Visual Technician with Sarah Meers

Written by: Lesroy Louard

Many successful people who work in the Live Event Production Industry find themselves with the ability to hyper focus and achieve greatness in the area of their gift. From engineers to content creators, tapping into one’s talents can help you understand how, and why, it is you do the things that you do.

Short of enrolling into the X-Men school for the gifted with Professor Xavier, you can locate Sarah Meers and allow her to assess your personality; then, equip you with the tools to thrive in the world as a high IQ individual.



Professionally, a gifted coach and mentor, Sarah Meers, analyzes the gifted brain among children and adults. After initial dialogue and testing, she offers strategies to capitalize on brain activity, turning weaknesses into positives and provide balanced interaction and stimulation in your daily life.

Clem Harrod, an expert in video production and lighting [laughter], mistakenly titled by Sarah before being corrected as a “Video Projectionist”; was the subject of an on the spot bar graph assessment by Meers.  This jovial exchange, albeit hypothetical, allowed us to see the exchange between Coach and Patient.  Meers lists the daily tasks and attributes of a gifted and hyper focused Harrod…“Projection Talent – 9, Home life/taking care of the kids – 5, Communication to others/spouse – 2, Communication to himself – 10”, and so on. Meers, establishes that the gifted brain is often hyper focused and two deviations (15 points) above 100.

In Harrod’s on the fly assessment, we see that “the gifted brain is typically very strong in one or a few areas, but weaker in others where you are not the expert” says Meers.  To combat these barriers, she promotes self assessment and implements a strategy that allows you to cope with daily tasks and frustration, improve time management, and stimulate executive brain function.Whether on the job, or in your family life, we all care to be fulfilled.

Even if not high IQ, the stress of day to day interaction can build, and expert coaches like Sarah Meers have the tools to bring everything into focus.

“You have to know yourself, and what your cues are when deciding to take a break.”

In this podcast discussion, the identifying of gifted traits, promotion of work-life balance, handling emotion and recognizing when the brain needs a break are the key takeaways.  Take a listen to find out some of the terrific ways Meers achieves optimal performance for herself and her patients.

Lesroy Louard, 36 and a graduate of Florida State University, can best be described as a visual thrill seeker and story-teller. With 18 years of experience in the world of production as a videographer, writer, and editor, Lesroy is also an aspiring filmmaker. He never shies away from the opportunity to chase a new challenge and expand his skill set. Lesroy has previously done this with several corporate marketing companies, the NBA, and many major cable networks. As a growing producer/writer, Lesroy derives most of his inspiration from classic cinema, music and pop culture.

He adds, “I enjoy the use of word, sight and sound to evoke emotion and convey powerful messaging.”

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