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The Production Channel is a community of professionals who work in the production industry, share your story with us! We pride ourselves in sourcing and sharing stories across ALL areas of production including live events, broadcast, sports entertainment, theater, house of worship, stage production, pre, post and anything in-between. 

We depend on individual contributors like yourself to help source and share the stories. If you have an idea, production story, gear review and workflow that you want to share we want to you to do it on The Production Channel! 

Submit your article here and we will review it and get back with you within 24hours. Thanks!

Common Questions

Q: Is there an approval process?

A: Yep, but really we just filter out the spam. If you are truly apart of the production industry and have a story to tell, we want to The Production Channel to be your platform. All post are reviewed by The Production Channel's editorial team which can be reached at info@shoflo.tv. 

Q: What kind of articles are you looking for?

A: We love articles about industry specific experiences including "the life of a broadcast sports director, or living backstage of a concert tour"... etc. The community also really enjoys gear reviews (by vendors, operators and partners), industry opinions, innovative technology trends, best practices and more. 

Q: Can I change text or photos later?

A: Foshoflo! When you hit submit, your just sending us a draft and then we jump in the pit with you to help add photos, adjust formatting where necessary and insert supporting links. 

Q: How long does it take to get approved and published?

A: We like to say 48hrs, but it usually comes down to how fast you can help button up the article with necessary photos, credits and more. Also, sometimes we want to time the release of articles based on gear releases or other conditions. We are flexible.