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Jessica Straw Production Channel

[PODCAST EP22] A Private Channel Conversation with Health Insurance Sales Advisor, Jessica Straw

Written by: Lesroy Louard The production industry, is seemingly broad and daunting to navigate. At times you just need an inside connection, to…
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Neidre Hines Healthcare resolution analyst production channel

[PODCAST EP21 Part 1 & 2] Health Insurance 101 with Healthcare Resolution Analyst, Neidre Hines

Written by: Lesroy Louard In this 2 Part Private Channel podcast episode, Clem Harrod sits down with Neidre Hines; in what could be…
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Tech Director, Roger Desmond

[PODCAST EP20] Managing Expectations with Technical Director, Roger Desmond

Written by: Lesroy Louard Roger Desmond, Technical Director and Staging Supervisor, momentarily takes us on the journey of how he landed his dream…
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Production Channel Rigging and Bridal Shackles

The Unseen – Bridal Shackles

Written by: Troy Liptak-Grilli The photo above is the first in a series of photographs that I’ve set out to shoot whilst on…
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EP19 Bobbi Grant

[PODCAST EP19] A Private Channel Conversation with Bookkeeper & Budgeting Specialist, Bobbi Grant

Written by: Ashley Davis This week, we're leaving the chatter of the Production Channel and switching over to the Private Channel. This series,…
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EP 18 Beth Forbes

[PODCAST EP18] From the Farm to the Ballroom with Project Manager, Beth Forbes

Written by: Ashley Davis The moment Beth Forbes realized Live Event Production was something she wanted to pursue, she was twelve years old…
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